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People come to therapy for many different issues. For some people, it is due to on-going mental health difficulties; for others it is due to the something that has happened recently in their life. What is often underlying the decision to come to therapy are difficulties in our interpersonal relationships. 

As human beings, we are biologically designed to live in relationships with other human beings. The quality of these relationships have a huge impact on who we are and how we feel. Feeling unheard or misunderstood by those around us can  impact how we navigate the worldThis might have happened to you when you were a child or it might be happening in your current relationships. Without positive, fulfilling relationships in our lives, everyday living can become really tough. 


As an attachment- focused psychotherapist, my main focus is on the emotional impact these relationships have had on us, and how we can manage these in our present lives, enabling us to live to our best selves. This might include looking at patterns you might find yourself in repeatedly with other people or difficulties in maintaining or developing relationships with others. Equally, you might of experienced historic interpersonal traumas, like sexual or domestic abuse and this might be impacting your current relationships. 

There is not a one size fits all rule with therapy, therefore we will work together to create an environment and style of therapy which meets your needs as an individual. 

I work with individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their current or historical relationships. I also work with couples who are having difficulty in their present relationship. 


Contact me to arrange an initial free 20 minute telephone consultation


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